Essex petting zoo hosts fundraiser for Ukrainian animals

They estimate they’ve raised over £900


This article was originally published on Greatest Hits Radio

A zoo in Essex has been raising money to aid animals in Ukraine.

Maldon Promenade Petting Zoo hosted a special event on Tuesday 15th March, with all proceeds and profits, including entry fees, going to charity to help animals affected by the invasion of Ukraine.


A skunk from the zoo

Zoo director, James Williams, said he knew he wanted to help: “It was brought to our attention by one of our staff members who saw on Facebook that there was a horse sanctuary in Ukraine that had been badly damaged by attacks from Russia.

“We saw there were lots of other animals in need so we decided we should do a day where we can donate our zoo admissions to a good cause…

“There are lots of animals out in Ukraine that are going to be in need. It’s not just going to be wild animals, there are going to be animals that were once people’s pets that they’ve had to abandon sadly, in what is a really horrible time for a lot of people.”Zoo director James Williams

Zoo director James Williams

Visitors enjoyed special stalls, face painting and over 70 species of animal, from Meerkats and Pythons, to Hedgehogs and Pigs.

WATCH: Our reporter went along to the zoo to find out a bit more about what they were up to…

They also had a counsellor, Jo, available to talk to the public about any anxieties they might be having, related to Ukraine, or not.

James said it was crucial for them to have a counsellor on site: “It’s quite a scary time, not only have we just come through a pandemic, but now – hopefully not – but we could be going to war.

“Sometimes it’s good to just chat and get things off your chest.”

Whilst they haven’t yet counted all the money, James estimates they’ve collected around £900 to donate.

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