‘They keep cancelling buses’: Norfolk Bus Driver Shortage Leaves Passengers Waiting for Hours

As a national shortage of bus drivers causes cancellations up and down the country, Norfolk residents have been hit hard, with some left waiting for transport for up to two hours.

First announced cancellations to a series of their routes, including its Network Norwich, Coastlink X1 and X2|X22 services while it recruits and trains new drivers.

It says passenger data was analysed before any cancellations were made, in order to ‘minimise disruption’ but many of Norfolk’s residents, particularly those based in more rural communities have still been hit hard.

Video Credit: Siân Roche in Norwich

All affected routes can be seen here.

Whilst the operator says the cancellations are temporary, no end date has been announced.

A First statement read: “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may cause to your journey with us.”

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